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About SkinCeuticals

Early in their history, a SkinCeuticals research team helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals with the original topical vitamin C formula that protects skin from premature signs of aging caused by environmental damage. SkinCeuticals continued to lead the industry as one of the first companies to provide scientific evidence to support product benefits — publishing clinical studies in respected medical journals usually reserved for pharmaceutical research. skinceuticals

The Skinceuticals Mission

SkinCeuticals mission is to improve skin. Dedicated to this purpose, SkinCeuticals make one simple promise — provide quality products backed by science.

SkinCeuticals' dedication to developing advanced skincare backed by science has earned them a strong reputation with the medical community worldwide. SkinCeuticals provides complete skincare solutions through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, and other skincare professionals in the United States and in over 35 countries worldwide. These experts trust SkinCeuticals to promote better skin – not trends.

SkinCeuticals has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to product development. They have formed networks with top scientists from the fields of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics, and medicine. These scientists work to further SkinCeuticals' understanding of the processes of skin aging, photoageing, and other individual skin conditions. Through SkinCeuticals unique relationship with these multidisciplinary networks, they are able to collaborate with the international medical community to deepen the knowledge of the skin and skin health.

The innovation has earned the research team numerous federal and state grants to help further the pursuit of technologies to improve skin. In addition to these grants, SkinCeuticals funds clinical trials at major medical institutions such as Duke University Medical Center and the National Institute of Health.

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